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Lion+ Sunflowers
"Mengapa bintang bersinar?
Mengapa air mengalir?
Mengapa dunia berputar?
Lihat segalanya lebih dekat,
dan kau akan mengerti."

"Why do stars shine?
Why does water flow?
Why does the world spin?
Watch everything closely,
and you will understand."

~ Hello, my name is Valentine,
or LENNEL, or just Len. This blog will be filled with reblogs and self-reminder, also other unimportant/trivial things.
I hope you enjoy your day and stay anyhow!
there's a space between words and memories

There are people who wants to be loved, but there are also ones who wishes to love.

I’ve had several people say, “You’re so lucky you’re loved.” I wish they can understand that as much as they wanted to be loved, as lonely as it feels, I, too, wish to be able to return all the love I’ve received.

Inside is so cold. Numbers and theories, facts and steps. Systems. Content. But I am content. I am content. ‘Happy’?

In order to make people know I appreciate- to make them feel loved, is to love? I do not understand. I wish to. So far I merely mirror actions and words I’ve seen and heard, and when people question further I simply can’t respond.

Aug 21 2013
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