"Mengapa bintang bersinar?
Mengapa air mengalir?
Mengapa dunia berputar?
Lihat segalanya lebih dekat,
dan kau akan mengerti."

~ Hello, my name is Valentine. Call me Len. I post my doodles and quickies here. I hope you enjoy your day and stay.

casually ruining the group tag… . 

for the weekly challenge: Formal Outfit ! ; v ;”/ Here you have two variations of childish formal(?) dresses asdgf;;; one casual outfit of Kandera maybe (also possibly the one she wears when she applied lmao look at it very much distorted what are arms and face), and Kandera traditional outfit! or more like Incan traditional clothing //lay/ ;;;

not posting in dA for various reasons and homeworks keep me busy enough to not colour it properly… But this weekly challenge is one of the things I like from the group! It keeps members or me at least, motivated/inspired in drawing :’D Or maybe it’s just me having fun with dresses and little kids shh

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