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"Mengapa bintang bersinar?
Mengapa air mengalir?
Mengapa dunia berputar?
Lihat segalanya lebih dekat,
dan kau akan mengerti."

"Why do stars shine?
Why does water flow?
Why does the world spin?
Watch everything closely,
and you will understand."

~ Hello, my name is Valentine,
or LENNEL, or just Len. This blog will be filled with reblogs and self-reminder, also other unimportant/trivial things.
I hope you enjoy your day and stay anyhow!

I rarely got tagged and kjkgkjh usually tagging things just don’t work well with me, but ;;;

Got tagged by Yuwa aka Wifemustar aka ewa !

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YUWA YU DIDNT ACTUALL TELL ME YOU TAGGED ME HmphhhHhHH so I am not obliged to answer nor follow the rules U q U  nah jk

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"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."

Robin Williams ( July 21st 1951 - August 11th 2014)

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(maybe) Hakamada family: Yoru (Dad), Kazuko (Mom), Natsuki (Grandpa), and May (Big Sis)

Names are all sequential _( : D )_ idk whats wrong with this famiry

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I tried

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So boya got into ICU and I don’t know just how long does a patient suffered from bear mauling need to be treated there/in total really. All I know was that a child needed about 2-3 weeks or even more in a hospital, and his injuries weren’t as bad as boya…

If boya were to be hospitalised for a month I’m sure he’d be sobbing in midnight like ‘why the flick won’t anyone let me go home oredi I’m healed yo can’t you see that- i can’t catch up with lessons and homework and tests stop torturing me gdi’

RP goes in a jumbled timeline btw ;; v ;;”“ 

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EXEC_PHANTASMAdogeA for mustar to listen *~*„ not yet finished

Mourn Me for Tsubaki

I HAD TO WRITE THIS SO NONE OF US TWO would be maso trying to kill our child just to see the other (and us) suffering lmao no seriously

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Bravely Default and Pikachu acrylic charms! There are only 10 each in stock so better grab it fast at AFA ID this August! > <

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