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Lion+ Sunflowers
"Mengapa bintang bersinar?
Mengapa air mengalir?
Mengapa dunia berputar?
Lihat segalanya lebih dekat,
dan kau akan mengerti."

"Why do stars shine?
Why does water flow?
Why does the world spin?
Watch everything closely,
and you will understand."

~ Hello, my name is Valentine,
or LENNEL, or just Len. This blog will be filled with reblogs and self-reminder, also other unimportant/trivial things.
I hope you enjoy your day and stay anyhow!


A Russian tank manufacturer has unveiled a new tram design that it plans to start mass-producing in 2015. These beautiful pieces of engineering will hold 190 to 270 passengers and will be able to traverse on even the older, worn out Russian tram tracks.

Read more about the so-called “Batmobile” trams…

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Promoting this voice acting class in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia! (now copy-pasta time)

Are you interested in becoming a seiyuu?
Join VAEX GEN’Ni (Voice Acting Experience Generation 2)!
Already open registration, and there will be discount for the early bird! only until 5 July!
Don’t miss it!

If you need more information, you can look up more in this website:

I KNOW IM KINDA LATE THE CLASS HAS STARTED ON 12 JULY BUT you can still register and attend it from now!! In my Generation they would love to accept applicants until 1-2 weeks after the date of first class!

btw I’m the first one who appeared jhgkgjhgj voicing Satsuki-sama is such a great pleasure//;;;

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Drabble #03-04

These were requested by Delin! :”) <33 Drink Me and Kill Me featuring Senor and Signor!

Drink Me

(Silence had always been familiar to the this part of the town. Coming nearer were the days of yearly break and occasions, and houses would be left, only the haunting distant chatters and whispers lingered behind. The streetlights showered the same sleepy, orange lights to the paved ground.

Among other small houses in the neighbourhood, was a simple house with white paint on its walls. It was one of the very few numbers of houses in the district that had its light on. Yet like other houses, it was silent, but the kind of living quietness. A safe house, it was.

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"get on my fucking level you useless baby"

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choc chip matcha



Nuts Matcha


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I-I dont think it posted ahaha— So—- Request for Lionsunflower

Wahh I’m still really bad at this writing stuff so sorry if its overly cliche or just plain sucks ahaha;;; But anywayssss to da drabble.

‘Mourn Me’

Staring blankly at the stone structure before her it still felt so…

yes now I can reblog this :”) BLESS////

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Leave a “Amuse Me” in my ask, and I will write a funny drabble about my character trying to cheer your up.

Leave a “Break Me” in my ask, and I will write an angsty drabble about our characters.

Leave a “Call Me” in my ask, and I will write a drabble about my character asking for yours [be it…

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Drabble #02

This time, it’s from tea! ^q^„ hehe I’m actually a bit worried I’d disappoint you somehow, because Gillian sure has quite of an impact to both of us. Playing him has not been easy; the more I think of his personality, the more I argue with myself of whatever actions he did/words he said. At times I worry of how I might have made him as a gary-stu character. Yet giving the minus sides to his personality somehow felt really out of character o)-<


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OTP Writing Challenge (JazzXSatya)

Numbers chosen by a randomiser site. Am trying to improve my writing Q 7 Q with very limited vocabulary. Oh um and am nowhere near experienced… so… ;;; hope these look good…

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